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Romania and its surrounding countries are one of the last strongholds of free roaming wildlife in Europe and people have a duty to ensure that its survival continues. But! How can this happen without Training, Conservation, Education and Research? The simple answer is that it cannot.

The “ARK PARK” project aims to ensure that this challenge becomes a reality with benefits not only for the various species of fauna and flora but, for those people who want the chance to see and learn about the wonders that abound in the wild and have at the same time a wonderful recreational experience.

Without education there can be no conservation and without seeing there can be no education. 

There are very few who have the opportunity to see the wonderful arrays of fauna and flora our world has to offer, but for the masses the only option is seeing in captivity - BUT! only in the very best of conditions will they take away the message of conservation.

Children are the future carers of our world and in every instance they must be given the right tools for the job - seeing an animal in a barred cage does not convey any education message at all - in fact seen often enough they take this as the norm - we cannot afford for this to happen.

A well run conservation centre demands a high level of knowledge and training in animal welfare to this end a dedicated training centre will be established on site – the training courses will be made available to keepers and stakeholders from both within and outside Eastern Europe and will be a first in Europe as a whole.

With the correct training of keepers many of the zoological problems will disappear.


We would like to hear from people who would like to help us in this project, not just in a financial way, although this would be very much appreciated as we are a non-profit making organisation.

We are looking for people who would like to work hands on – it does not matter if you are a builder, a secretary, a teacher, a zoo keeper, or even unemployed. We need your help and your skills for us to make this project for the future welfare of the captive animal situation in Romania a reality.

The “ARK PARK” is unique in combining a dedicated on site training centre together with all other aspects of keeping animals in captivity (A first in Europe) including a visitor experience to be remembered.

For this opportunity to improve by example, it will be a long term project not just because of the size – in excess of 100 hectares, but it requires a tremendous amount of background studies to be carried out so that we can ensure the very best for the animals in our care.

The project will be built and run with sustainability at the forefront and will benefit both the local community and those tourists from around the world who will visit and take home with them a wonderful set of memories which will encourage similar establishments to give the very best of care to the animals in their charge.

The Elements of the Center Include:

A Sanctuary
A Training Centre
A Conservation Centre
An Education Centre
A Center for Non Invasive Research
A Recreation Area
A Conference Centre
A Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre
A Dedicated Web Site For Helping Zoos

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