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Zoo-Linx started five years ago as a communication tool for Zoological Establishments and their various Stakeholders in Romania in the form of an emailed monthly newsletter. In January 2009 this changed to a web based site and its mailing list added to, to take in the zoo world in general.

The objective is to give both practical and informative help on Modern Zoo Practices to those zoological establishments who are most needy.  The constantly changing borders of the European Union and the enhanced communication systems now available – especially the internet - has brought the zoo world closer together, it has also made it more accessible to the public.

It has also brought the subject of captive animal welfare under greater scrutiny and highlighted areas where for whatever reason assistance is required.  There are pages and pages of negative zoo related articles on the internet from none zoo people and yet very little on the pro-active side of captive animal welfare!

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”. 
Mahatma Gandhi

Unfortunately there are not millions of dollars available to help bail out the zoos who for whatever reason have found themselves in a negative situation – but it is not always money that is needed to bring about better animal welfare and conditions and of course the zoo world is about much more than just animal welfare – education, conservation and research etc.

So what are we looking for and hope to achieve?  First it is hoped, as mentioned above, to be a communication tool for zoological establishments - especially with those who perhaps do not belong to a zoo association at present or those which are surviving by the skin of their teeth but want to continue and become good establishments - offering the best in animal welfare, conservation, research and education.

This can only work if there are people out there who would be prepared to offer assistance by writing and donating articles (no matter how small) also offer advice in areas such as Animal Welfare, Nutrition, Enrichment – basically anything that is captive wild animal related.

If someone wants help with anything in particular, then please ask and we can put out requests for assistance to the readership.

It would be wonderful if we can get into the habit of working together for the benefit of the animals in our charge – there are instances where this is not the case - and with the help of this magazine and its contributors we can help to make a difference no matter how small.

Zoo-Linx is currently available in English and Romanian if you would like to help by translating it into the language of your country please contact me – If you would like to submit an article please let me have copy by 21st for issue in that month.

If articles that you have published in other media might be of use to your colleagues in your country or abroad, please send us an abstract and a reference (link) to that publication.

News in brief about events at your establishment will be published on the front page with a read more option

Your comments and constructive criticism are always welcomed.

Mal T Hyett




 1st and 2nd Shape-South and East Europe Enrichment Workshops

Romania and Hungary

An intensive 4-day workshop on avian egg incubation is being run 10-13 October 2012 by Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust.
ABWAK is pleased to announce we are running a Big Cat Workshop at Paradise Wildlife Park on October 8th – this is especially aimed at keepers

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